Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I don't know what started my interest in flameware.  Maybe it's the fact that pottery is frequently used with food, in the guise of coffee cups, serving bowls, trays, plates, and so forth!  What potter wouldn't want to take the next step and bake a nice loaf of bread in a ceramic loaf pan, or better yet, slip a nice crock of macaroni and cheese under the broiler to produce a wonderful cheesy delight?

Many potters who work with stoneware are already willing to use their ceramics in the oven, as long as they follow certain rules:  Don't put the pottery in a hot oven!  Don't heat empty pottery!  Never use the pottery on the stove or under the broiler!!  But, flameware clay is supposed to allow you to do all these things.  Flameware clay is designed to endure use over an open flame.  In this post I hope to enumerate the resources I have found on the Internet about flameware clay, as well as describe our first tests with a flameware clay body.